Tours & Travel Related Services

Network Tours is not just a travel business. We offer you our expertise and services right from travel plans to all types of bookings involved. We can help you decide all the requirements of travel.

Passport : Our specialists in passport procedure can help you getting passport on time. GOI have made all the process online, but at occasions you may need our help in doing correct application. Our expert can help you for the complete procedure involved.

Travel Plans and Tours : We come across clients with different age groups and with certain objectives of tourism. We shall be able to provide you with many options in the same destination of tours. Young people may like to try some adventures such as jungle safaris or scuba diving or parasailing. Or a few may like to explore the interiors of a country rather than the most popular attraction. Families would want to spend quality time with each other and enjoy holidays. Our experts can give you ideas which can help you achieve the objectives of your tourism. Our experts can suggest the travel itinerary as well.

Air Tickets : Today you have plenty of options to travel by different airlines. We can give you the best rates with our specially adopted booking software. We have travelled on some of the world’s best airlines and to some very exotic destinations. We can share our experience while booking the tickets. If you do not have time to contact airline for your preferences of seat, meals, any additional help etc. we can help you getting these as best as possible.

Travel Insurance : We have tied up with India’s most popular Insurance companies to cover your insurance requirements. We can suggest and offer the most suited insurance package for your travel. There are many options available in the market, which you need to know which one to opt for.

Visa : Most of the countries require on line applications for the Visa. Our experts in the field shall help you applying correctly to the concerned agencies for getting visa on time. Each country requires specific information of the travelers which needs to be given correctly to avoid refusal of visa application.

Hotel Bookings : We have tied up with many domestic and international bulk sellers for hotel suites and rooms at most of the locations in most of the countries. You have many on line options available for hotel bookings but please know for sure that these are not the best rates. With our adopted software we can search on line and give you the best rates for the predetermined hotels.

We shall also like to provide the following services to our clients.

  • Lost or delayed baggage tracking
  • Access to a medical help line
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Emergency travel arrangements
  • Emergency cash advances and credit card replacement
  • Multi-lingual translation
  • Foreign Exchange arrangement

Transfers : We have tied up with Taxi services in most of the popular destinations around the world. We shall book all the transfers which you may require during the course of the travel if you need. For those who want to travel by public transport, we shall like to suggest the public transportation system up to the last detail, say- which bus stop. Travelers can definitely save a lot especially in Europe, Japan and Singapore where Taxis are not recommended over public transport.